Making Your New Life Stick

Time and time again we see the effects of being a yo-yo dieter. You work hard to lose weight then you reward yourself by eating what you cut out of your diet and then you gain back your weight that you just lost. What should be done instead, is you should concentrate on making a lifestyle change that doesn’t have a deadline. Making healthy decisions regarding your diet should be a lifelong endeavour, not a crash diet. Aren’t we making changes to feel better about ourselves and to elongate that feeling throughout our lives. I’ve never heard anyone say, “When I’m 45, I’m going to start eating junk food and stop exercising because I deserve to be miserable”. We need to stick to making healthy decisions and say goodbye to the old bad habits, they weren’t serving you anyway.

Here are my suggestions to help make your new life stick:

  • Visit and revisit your goals, this was your initial motivation to make this change and can help keep you on track
  •  Think back to when you felt yucky, bloated, fat and unhappy. You don’t want to go back there, do you?
  • Ask for help and encouragement. Your friends and family are part of your support system throughout your journey, just because you’ve reached your goal doesn’t mean that they aren’t there to still support you.
  • Reward yourself often, and do it in a constructive way, “don’t reward yourself with food, you’re not a dog”
  • Share your success strategies with other people. Seeing the change in someone else is empowering, and another way to keep yourself in check.
  • Remember, you’re not perfect and making mistakes is inevitable. Pick up the pieces and move on
  • Surround yourself with like-minded people that won’t make you feel left out if you don’t gorge yourself on pizza and beer.
  • Love your new you, and appreciate where you came from. You had to start somewhere, and you should be proud of the journey

I hope to come up with some more helpful hints on how to sustain your lifestyle changes, but this small list should be good enough for now. What do you do to keep yourself aligned after making a change? Leave me a comment below letting me know 🙂




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