Motivation to Move It Move It!!!

If you’re anything like me you get bored easily. I like the spice of life, I love things like buffets and Yogurt Beach, and routines to me get old quickly. How does someone like me keep motivated to keep exercising, when you can easily fall into a workout rut? Well I’ve come up with a few ideas and activities to keep you motivated to Move It. Move It!

  • Try a new activity! Drop in on a Crossfit Class over at Double Edge Crossfit, or try Acroyoga at The Studio. My personal favorite was when i took flight at Reno Aerial Artistry’s beginners silks class. Holy moly, what a workout! I was sore for 4 days, and really motivated to go back! The cost was $15 and worth every penny! It was like self-inflicted bondage mixed with suspended ballet. You feel liberated, captivating, strong and beautiful. It is a very powerful activity. Plus, you’re likely to steal the show, for example…
  • As my husband put it, “Yes, this really happened!” These ladies are some of the most dedicated, hardworking individuals that I know, plus they are great, patient teachers.
  • Some other activities to try include: Go on a bike ride, take your dog for a run or swim or hike, join a team (I play softball on Wednesday nights), take a dance class or just go dancing, go to Jump Man Jump and run around like a 3rd grader high on pixie sticks, go rock climbing, play basketball… the list is endless. Just do something that gets you moving.
  • Another great motivator is music! Make some awesome playlists to keep you motivated to keep running. You can find tons of pre-made playlists online, but I prefer to make my own. The goal with any playlist is to choose songs that have relatively high BPM that drives you.
  • I also get motivated to workout when I have a new pair of running shoes or workout outfit. It may seem silly, but I feel like if I make a purchase for a specific item I will be obligated to use it. Plus I want everyone to see my shiny new shoes 😉

Motivation doesn’t come easily to all of us, the key is to find something fun to keep your attention so you keep working toward your goals. I challenge you to go out on a limb and try a new activity. See if you don’t get jazzed about life, causing you to be more dedicated than ever to your goal, and remember to Move It Move It!




  1. Jules – I’ve really found your blog to be a fun read! I had a friend try Reno Aerial Artistry recently and with your testimonial, I may have to give it a try! I love your motivational tips – especially the new shoes! I completely agree!


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