What’s to Drink?

In my last blog, found here, I went over some basic rules to follow when eating out. As a follow-up I’ll be giving you the rundown of the liquids you should consume lots of, avoid completely, and drink in moderation.

One of the basic building blocks of any good nutrition plan is water. I devoted a whole post about the importance of water. This is the beverage of choice when on a paleo/primal type diet. Drink as much as you want! The benefits are endless, water keeps you hydrated, it helps flush toxins out of your body, it is required for life (that’s important), it helps regulate sodium and potassium levels, it can help you feel full, it cures a myriad of ailments. You can even spruce up the clear beverage by adding different fruit and veggie flavors. Shape Magazine came up with 20 creative options found here. My daily routine includes adding lemon or lime. I’m excited to try mashing up some berries to mix it up.

Also allowed on the paleo diet are herbal and green teas. Even though green tea has a small amount of caffeine (usually not considered to be part of the paleo diet) there are other numerous health benefits provided by drinking a cup of green tea. Green tea is high in cancer-fighting antioxidants, it is high in nutrients that improve brain function, can help burn fat, and other benefits shown here by Authority Nutrition.

What drinks to avoid on the Paleo diet.

  • Milk, dairy is not allowed on the Paleo Diet
  • Soda, diet or not. You wouldn’t see a cave-woman sipping on a diet Coke
  • Most alcohol. Again cave-people didn’t have access to Total Wine or Silver Peak Brewery. Bottom line is that most alcohol is made with some form of gluten, and the Paleo diet is gluten free
  • Anything with artificial sweeteners
  • Energy Drinks
  • Coffee and Caffeinated Tea (except green tea)

Finally what to drink in moderation. Fruit juice is to be consumed in small quantities and only with no added sugar. It is recommended to eat fruit whole so you are getting the benefits of fiber in the fruit. Along with fruit juice, is “fermented fruit juice” allowed??? Yes, wine is allowed in moderation aka a glass a night. Alcohol is tricky since there are almost as many calories in 1 gram of alcohol, 7 calories as fat 1 gram = 9 calories. Let’s be honest here, we’re not all saints, and sometimes you need to enjoy a glass of wine. You can do so without feeling guilty about breaking your diet. If you are really going to splurge and are conscious of being gluten free, you could try a hard cider like Angry Orchard.

The bottom line is to drink lots of water with everything else allowed in moderation. Do you have any paleo cocktail recipes? If you do, I’d love to try them! Leave me a comment below with your favorite recipe!




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