Healthy Options When Eating Away From Home

Diet dilemma #46, what on earth do I do when I have to eat out??? Well my friends, I have compiled a list of basic rules along with healthy establishments for those times when we need to eat a meal away from home. So whether you’re traveling, going out to dinner for a special occasion, or forget to prep a meal for the day I have your back. I’ve been there, and had pretty good success in sticking to my dietary goals.

Here are some basics to follow when visiting any restaurant and are on a “paleo” or “primal” diet.

  • Ask for a nutrition guide, or pull it up on your smartphone
  • Avoid sauces/dressings that could potentially have any number of “no no’s” on the paleo diet, such as high fructose corn syrup, gluten, other sugar, high salt content, milk etc…
  • Go for the veggies!
  • Go for lean protein!
  • Skip the simple carbs
  • Substitute the carbs for more veggies, like a side salad for your fries
  • Drink a giant glass of water to help flush out excess salt used in preparing the food

Here in Reno we have started a food revolution, and along with that we have some creative culinary masterminds that are also health conscious! Take establishments like SÜP, Great Full Gardens, Batch Cupcakery, Campo, Brasserie St. James, MidTown Eats, Old Granite Street, SODOCrème Cafe, Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, Seed Cafe just to name a few of my favorites. Even some chain restaurants have stepped up their health conscious game like Chipotle, Panda Express, and Qdoba. All three establishments offer lean protein options and lots of veggies, plus you can control sauces and condiments to a good extent. Port Of Subs and Jimmy John’s offer their subs with a lettuce wrap rather than bread, or make your sandwich into a salad at Port Of Subs for the same cost. What’s great about these places is that they offer more options than just a “boring salad without dressing”. Oh and there’s dessert!!!!

Have you experienced the miracle that is a paleo cupcake by my friends over at Batch Cupcakery??? You should go try one or 10, tomorrow they open at 10 AM 😉 You will not regret it!

My final advice is that sometimes you need to indulge yourself! One meal won’t kill your diet or your goal! If you have a special occasion, maybe it’s ok to eat what you want! Still practice healthy choices, but I won’t tell anyone that you ate that breadstick 😉

Happy and healthy eating! If you’re in the neighborhood for some great food with super healthy choices take a look at my list and give one a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised and guilt-free.




  1. I actually had the Paleo cupcakes at Batch just this past weekend. The Chocolate and Pumpkin ones are great. You literally can’t even tell that is Paleo, who knows if it even is haha Also In-N-Out has a protein burger on the secret menu in which you can get the patty wrapped with lettuce so you cut out all the useless carbs from the bread and are able to eat more of the good stuff. You should try them they are great, I had 4 when I went last week. Great Post!! I haven’t tried many of the places you said but I have heard alot of great things about Great Full Gardens maybe I will try it out, what do you suggest to get?


    1. Hey Al! Thanks for the comment, I really like Great Full Gardens’ soup selection and their paleo bowls! Also if you’re having a cheat day you HAVE to try their liege waffles, YUM!!!!


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