Muscle Egg, A Product Review

Today ladies and gents I’m here to review a really rad protein product that I have been using since the start of round 1 of boot camp. It’s called Muscle Egg and as you probably guessed by its name that it is egg based. Yes, I drink mint brownie flavored egg whites every day, mmmm sounds appetizing doesn’t it? Yes, I’ll admit, I was incredibly skeptical at first, and a little worried about the texture and taste of flavored egg whites. Let me tell you dear friends it’s not as bad as you’d think and it actually tastes pretty delicious, similar to an Andes mint (at least that’s what I tell myself ).

So what on earth possessed me to even try this product? First, it came highly recommended by both the trainer, Heather, at boot camp and my fitspiration, Cecilia. Another reason for slurping down cups of egg whites was after reading the nutrition facts I soon understood that this product was nutritionally superior, and more cost effective than the other protein supplements I had been taking, namely Muscle Milk. Here’s a quick comparison of the nutrition information of Chocolate Muscle Milk (10 oz) and Mint Brownie Muscle Egg (8 oz).

The muscle egg product is better for several reasons, it is fat free, has lower sugar, carbs and overall has a simpler ingredient list. For $40 for a 2 gallon jug I’m set for several weeks. Muscle milk is still reasonably priced but I was turned off by things in the ingredient list I couldn’t pronounce.

As an added bonus, muscle egg-sperts 😉 have come up with some super cool recipe ideas if you’re not keen on drinking egg whites. I personally like making crepe-like pancakes with chocolate muscle egg and bananas.

Let me know what you think about this crazy eggy drink and if you’d be brave enough to try it!


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