Half Way There & The Results Are In!

I’m pleased to announce that I not only finished my 5 week boot camp class, but in doing so I lost 10 pounds and 21.5 inches overall!!! This really drove home the point that your weight on the scale is only one way to measure your success, where taking before and after measurements are a better gauge of how your body is transforming. I’m not quite ready to post flabby half-naked before and after pictures of myself on the internet, so I’ll try to illustrate as best I can in words. I don’t feel as “squishy” as I used to, my clothes fit a lot looser, I can see and feel muscles coming back to life, and I notice that my overall behaviors have changed. Instead of taking the elevator I take the stairs, when my coworkers bring in doughnuts I eat a piece of fruit, I find my lazy ways fading as quickly as my extra weight. I truly feel like I am transforming as a person.

I’m making big plans in order to get big results. I am looking forward to the next set of results from the second 5 week session of boot camp which started this past Tuesday. I know what to expect now, and am completely dedicated to getting fit and healthy, you could say I’m addicted. I aim to push myself harder than before, in order to obtain even better results than last time!

I will be upping my game plan by adding in a couple of cardio sessions each week to help me prepare for my first ever 5K, The Color Run on June 28th! Wish me luck! I am also refining my diet in order to make my body an efficient fat-burning, muscle-building machine. By making new goals after achieving one like completing boot camp, I am re-dedicating myself to living a healthier lifestyle. Many leadership and self-help gurus have suggested time and time again that you must make goals, write them down, and check in on their progress. When you have completed a goal, it is time to set some new ones since we are a constant work in progress.

I used to think that I would be easy to check a goal off my list, since I live to check things off lists, and just be happy with that accomplishment. I now know that once you have forward momentum, there is a drive now embedded deep inside that desires to keep going. I’m not saying I don’t have my days or moments of weakness and laziness, I’m saying that I am working very hard to eradicate those traits from my character.

So, I added another goal to my list. If any of you seasoned 5k-ers out there have any advice on how to break into running would you leave me a comment below? Thanks in advance!


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