It’s The Little Wins That Lead To Big Change

I started week 5 of my challenge feeling a little discouraged. I let my weekly weigh-in put me in a bad mood. As I stood on the scale staring down at my feet to read the digital numbers, I started smoldering thinking “what do you mean I’ve only lost half a pound this week!” I let a few little numbers represent something negative rather than seeing what they were truly indicative of, change. Change in my body composition, change in my eating habits, change in motivation to get myself moving again. It showed that I was transforming fat into muscle, that I was losing inches and that the pounds didn’t matter.

I consulted Heather, the owner and trainer of the boot camp gym I go to about my discouragement. Her reassuring words of kindness and her history of helping people transform their bodies put me at ease. It went something like this, “don’t worry about the number on the scale, I can already see results in your body and the inches you’ve lost! In my experience the first few weeks you are shrinking the space that the fat cells take up and morphing them into muscle tissue, that’s why you lose inches faster than pounds most of the time. Don’t worry the pounds will come off, just be patient.” As you read from my last blog I talked about my inability to do anything in moderation, I think impatience is a facet of putting too much on your plate. Let’s say I’m not very patient, I want it NOW!

I think many people are discouraged when they step on the scale after starting a new diet and exercise program. Mark Sisson, one of my favorite bloggers writes an amazing blog on why you may not be losing weight. You can find it here. He lists 17 reasons and also encourages patience and ways to fine tune your diet and workout. I’ll be looking into fine tuning my diet this week to see if I have any added success, even though I feel like I have been very dedicated, with no cave in to cravings.

In the spirit of some really good advice, I’m going to try and be patient. I’m going to continue to be dedicated to my course and allow the time needed to complete my goal in a healthy and self-loving manner. I’m going to rejoice in the little wins like tightening my belt a notch, and being able to climb the stairs without being out of breath. I’m going to be grateful that acquaintances that haven’t seen me in a while notice that I’ve changed shape. I’m not going to let numbers on the scale signify my value or importance, rather I’m going to let it be one way to measure my success, and not my failings.

With my “win” for the week I am going to celebrate the little things each day. What do you do to stay motivated when you feel like you’re fighting an uphill battle? I drink some green tea and snuggle my dog. Leave a comment and let me know what you do! Also you can follow me on Twitter @julesackerson



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