A Quick Checkup: Transformation Challenge 1/3 Complete!

Hi everyone, I hope this lovely weather we’ve been having has allowed for some outside play time. I spent the weekend getting my backyard ready for the summer. You know what else I’ve been getting ready for the summer? You guessed it, my body! 😉  I’m 1/3 of the way through my twelve week challenge, and the results are already coming in strong! Dedication to my diet and workout have started to show some great results, while changing my outlook on life toward the positive has made my mental health better than ever. I feel happy, and joyous about conquering the challenges in front of me, and am gaining a lot of positive momentum. My family and friends have all noticed a difference both in my physical and mental health, even if I am exhausted most of the time.

On the topic of exhaustion, I realized that I am very much fundamentally different from the person I am named after, my grandmother, Nana, as we all called her. Julia Rose Fry (maiden name Cataldo) was a tiny, feisty Northern Italian who had a famous saying, “everything in moderation”. I am not the type of person to do anything in moderation. If I set my mind to something, it’s likely that I will set my mind to several “somethings” simultaneously. I think it comes from being a highly motivated kid/teenager. I was always in martial arts usually coupled with another sport, plus band and honors classes. My dad raised all of us believing that the only way to be successful and to get what you wanted out of life was to work harder than anyone else was willing to. You had to set yourself apart, be faster, stronger, braver, smarter. He taught me that anything was possible, I just had to go out and fight for it. So I did, quite literally, after winning several gold medals in the Silver State games for Taekwondo, I graduated high school 3rd in my class and with 32 college credits. I always had a full plate, and a knack for finishing it all.

Fast forward 10 years, and we’re here. I’m finding that my old tenacity is still present as a building block of my person. I took on the challenge of working full time, while taking 3 master’s classes, plus dedicating 3 days a week to a very intense boot camp class at 6 am. All while restructuring my diet completely, and performing an overhaul on my mental health striving for some closure and peace for the major loss I suffered in losing my brother almost 7 years ago.

No wonder I’m tired! But, it is all possible if you set your mind to it. I read an amazing blog today on how you can actually achieve what you want to accomplish by using Parkinson’s Law. In a nutshell, Parkinson’s Law is “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion” meaning that if you give an unspecific allotment of time to complete something, it will take up all the time. The blog gives a good list of suggestions for giving your day more structure and deadlines to force you to work smarter, not harder. Not that hard work doesn’t pay off, it’s the fact that we spend so much time not focused on the task at hand that we force ourselves to cram and crunch at the last minute.

I feel like the processes we go through to complete a task are different from processing an emotional reaction. I would be interested in learning if there is a way to make processing emotional hardships more efficient, or if there is no use in trying to speed up a process that is on its own timeline.

What do you think? Should things like grieving be pushed through so we can get on with the rest of our lives, or should we allow it to run its course? Leave a comment below with your experiences and opinion of managing emotions efficiently.


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