The Abolition of Weakness

Week two of my Transformation Challenge is complete! I have learned quite a lot about myself as I push forward in pursuit of health and happiness. First, that the healthier I feel the happier I am! I never thought I could be so proud of myself for choosing to eat an apple over the box of Girl Scout Cookies my husband so conveniently ordered last week. I literally get a sense of elation and empowerment for making the right food choice. Next, I’ve learned that even though I am NOT a morning person, a strong enough goal can get any grumpy grouch out of bed at 5:25 am. I’ve also learned that true morning people are a little insane (like the ones who torture us at boot camp) , really, who could possibly be happy about being up before the sun? 🙂

With all my burgeoning healthy habits, I have noticed the great need to unlearn some not so healthy habits. Here’s a short list:

  • Stop saying “I can’t”
  • Stop making excuses
  • Stop wasting time/procrastinating
  • Don’t go to bed so late
  • Don’t take out my tired aggression on innocent bystanders

Forbes Magazine published a great article on staying motivated. You can view it here. It focuses on making a goal and then making it attainable. I feel like I’m right on course to accomplish my goals, and then some!

After reading the article, leave me a little note either here or on Twitter (you can follow me @julesackerson) with what keeps you motivated to accomplish your goals.


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